I studied with Adam for a little over a year, and found him to be a wonderful teacher - an endless font of musical knowledge, but also more than able to make traditionally-dull material (music theory, reading, ear training, etc) fun and engaging.  I still remember (and use!) our ear-training drills fondly, which is far more than I can say of other folks I've studied with :-)  Long story short, if you're a working pro looking to beef up your musical flexibility, or a beginner just starting out (at any age), Adam is The Guy to help you achieve those goals.  Your lessons will be fun, funny, and you'll find it easy to return to them even years later and go "Ah, he was right, that WAS useful!"
-Lee W.

"I highly recommend Adam to anyone looking for a guitar teacher.
I've been learning with Adam for the last 3 years and look forward to our weekly lessons and continue to learn, improve, and develop my playing and musical knowledge.
Adam takes his time to coach and develop your skills and puts his energy into improving your technique.
Adam has a great ability, and patience to work together on overcoming any challenges.
His vast musical knowledge and passion is totally inspiring and makes learning so enjoyable and exciting."
-Jeremy S.

"If you are looking for a guitar teacher who is deeply knowledgeable, enthusiastic about teaching you, and a pleasure to study with, you will find all these qualities in Adam Douglass. 
I enjoy the creative, thoughtful, and inspirational approach that Adam brings to each lesson. 
I also appreciate his excellent ability to communicate musical concepts.
I find him to be genuinely dedicated to helping me progress and have fun playing. 
A superb and versatile professional musician, he also is an innovative educator who teaches many styles of music with unfailing patience and grace.
I feel fortunate to be a student of Adam’s and I heartily recommend him to students of any age or level of experience."
-Janet B.

"I've been taking private lessons with Adam for roughly 2 years. He has a huge repertoire of songs that target specific areas that you need to practice most, and he can listen to any song that I bring in and notate it on the spot.
He's really knowledgeable and as I learn new songs, he's able to incorporates music theory into the instruction, too. It's great because I'm not only increasing my ability to play the guitar but also getting an understanding of the underlying structures that the songs are built from.
Adam has an innate ability to push me through difficult practice sessions, and he's great at motivating me to stick to practicing even when other things in life eclipse how much time I can allot to playing the guitar."
-Marcy B.

"I've been a student of Adam's for several years. His knowledge of guitar, and music in general, is astonishing. The man could probably play anything on guitar. Yet he is incredibly down to earth, humble, accommodating, and patient. Under his tutelage, I've seen my own ability on the instrument increase tremendously.  There's always more to learn, and Adam presents it so that you are excited to learn it."
-Dave H.

I took lessons with Adam for a few years in high school and he is a fantastic teacher and still one of the best guitarists I know. He is super knowledgeable, helpful and enthusiastic. I learned so much from him and am grateful to have had such a wonderful teacher!
-Alyssa A.

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